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7 Unique Benefits Of Adding Extra IT Help


Most companies that build their own in-house IT teams understand that the processes of finding, hiring, on-boarding, training, and developing IT resources are costly and time-consuming. Companies’ IT hiring managers are tasked with the responsibilities of discovering talented and skillful IT resources that match the companies’ needs, cultures, budgets, and are able to begin working immediately.

On most occasions, finding IT resources with the right skill sets may become a nightmare for companies when faced with a sudden shortage of staff. This usually occurs when some employees abruptly left the companies due to illness associated with employment burnout, firing, other workplace problems, or needing some assisting hands to execute large, new projects. This is where Extra IT Help comes into play.

What Is Extra IT Help?

Instead of spending a lot of money to hire and train temporary IT resources to fill the urgent vacancies a company have, it can decide to contract the hiring and on-boarding processes to an IT consulting company. This business practice is referred to as Extra IT Help, and it has been in vogue for decades. Let’s Look at the benefits of adding Extra IT Help Highlighted below are seven unique benefits your company can derive from engaging in IT staff augmentation:

So, let’s get right into the 7 Unique Benefits of Adding Extra IT Help

Highlighted below are seven unique benefits your company can derive from engaging in Extra IT Help services:

[1] It is cost-efficient

Using the service of an IT consulting company to recruit IT resources that are knowledgeable, match the employer’s skill requirements, and are available to start working immediately helps companies save on recruitment instead of undertaking direct hiring themselves. This means that they will not be burdened with the laborious search for experts, hiring, and training them.

[2] Can be smoothly integrated into the existing working structure

 Since they are already a group of experts, the IT resources supplied by an IT consulting company can smoothly be integrated into the employer’s existing workforce. They are well-trained and ready to get to work immediately.

[3] Helpful in beating deadlines

When confronted with aggressive timelines or deadlines, obtaining IT resources via an IT consulting company can help beat those deadlines.

[4] No direct employment hassles

Dispatched IT resources from an IT consulting company are not direct employees for the company using their services. As a result of this, the company doesn’t have to worry about offering them any direct employment benefits. In principle, the company can legally avoid being bothered with liabilities concerning employees’ benefits.

[5] Maximum control

With the assistance of the IT consulting company, it is possible for the company utilizing the services of dispatched IT resources to exert maximum control on them so as to guarantee that they are working perfectly within the new organizational culture. IT consulting company streamlines the channel by which information and instructions passes through to the dispatched IT resources.

[6] Prevention of operational shutdown

An IT consulting company will supply the required IT resources in time in order to prevent operational shutdown in the company using their resources’ services. A company can shut down all or some parts of its operations if it doesn’t have the required number of workers or the skills to carry out the project. No company wants to be in such a condition because it will affect its overall level of operation.

[7] Specialized skills

On average, it takes about 3-6 months for companies to fill the vacant positions that require some specialized IT skills. However, with the help of an IT consulting company, those positions can be filled immediately.

Any company that aspires to maintain continuity in its operations must utilize IT staff augmentation from time to time. Some of the circumstances that can warrant the use of an IT consulting company include:

  • When there is a natural disaster when some regular IT employees are unable to report to work;

  • When some direct employees are absent due to illnesses attributed to occupational burnout. This has become a World Health Organization (WHO) phenomenon that affects the efficiency of workers in many companies;

  • When the company undertakes a new project that requires a set of new skills that the current employees do not have. An IT consulting company will be able to supply IT resources with the right skills to handle the projects.

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